Southern Cavalier Welfare

Our Organisation run entirely by Volunteers for the welfare and benefit of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in need. We offer a re homing service and advice regarding general care of the Breed. Funding received is solely from donations and fund raising events and helps to provide Veterinary treatment for Cavaliers in our care. Re homing a Cavalier can be a very distressing time for an Owner. Cavaliers are offered for re homing for a variety of reasons. We aim to work through the process sympathetically and sensitively, finding and approving a home meeting the individual requirements of each dog. Enquiries regarding re homing or adopting a Cavalier should be made to Sue Atkins or  Ann Blackburn whose contact details are below.


We Have Found Loving Homes For These Cavaliers


Adopting a Cavalier through our Organisation ~ Adopting one of our Cavaliers is a commitment, which, hopefully you have given a lot of thought and careful consideration to. This commitment could be as long as 10 - 12 years. However, your new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will be your wonderful, trusting, loyal companion and a member of your family. The majority of Cavaliers that we find suitable homes for are usually between 3 - 8 years old. We do sometimes take charge of younger ones and sometimes Cavaliers as old as 13 years. It is the older ones that we desperately need new homes for. You may feel that you are unable or reluctant to give an older Cavalier the chance of a new life. Sometimes it could be because you feel you could not bear the pain of losing an older dog soon once you have become attached to it. Yes, it can be very painful, even when they have only been with you a short time, and they leave a gaping wound when they go. However, think how much joy you could bring to an older dog in its twilight years with your love that it might otherwise not have a chance of, chance of lots of cuddles and attention from you. They are trusting, needy and totally dependent on you. Older dogs can be just as rewarding as younger ones; they can give so much and ask for so little, the rare and special bond, the joy, along with the companionship they bring. Sometimes we are offered a pair of Cavaliers together. Please consider the possibility of adopting a pair. We do our best to "match" our Cavaliers with prospective new owners and provide new owners with as much background information as possible.

The way it works ~ Our procedure for applying for a dog from us is straightforward. We ask you to fill in an application form with some simple questions about you and your family, which you then send back to our welfare coordinator. When we have a Cavalier available that we feel would be suitable for you, we will contact you for a pre-adoption visit at a mutually convenient time. We would also like to meet the other members of the family. If you feel the dog offered to you for adoption does not fit your needs, you are under no obligation to adopt. Similarly, we may feel that the dog is not suitable for you or vice versa. We are passionate about placing the dog in a suitable home, as after all it has already had at least one traumatic change in its life. Therefore, please be patient and be prepared to wait for an appropriate Cavalier. When your new found friend and companion arrives, you will be asked to sign some adoption papers, one copy to be retained by you and one by us. The papers will state the conditions that you agree to abide by. We request that any dogs or bitches re-homed through the welfare service must not be used for breeding or at stud. Any registration papers etc. remain the property of the welfare service.

Please help us ~ We do not have a fixed adoption fee. The Southern Cavalier Welfare Organisation is run by a team of dedicated volunteers but we always need the funds to help with veterinary treatment. We are, therefore, very grateful for a donation made at the time of adoption. If you haven't heard from us immediately, we haven't forgotten you. It may just be that we do not have many Cavaliers available. However, due to the volume of applications received, we only keep your application for 3 months so please ring us again to inform us that you wish to remain on the list after this period. We will always be happy to hear from you anytime, only if to let us know that you still wish to adopt a Cavalier. Please also let us know if your circumstances have changed or that you have already found a new friend through another rescue service. This would help us to keep our records up to date, save us contacting you unnecessarily. We also welcome offers of help with our fund raising events.

Re Homing Procedure ~ If you have a Cavalier you wish to re home, please contact our Co Ordinator who will be pleased to advise about our re homing process.

We understand that re homing your Cavalier can be a distressing and upsetting time. Our aim is to carefully work through this process with you and find an appropriate new home that will meet the needs of your dog and is an appropriate "match".

As our process is thorough and involves a great deal of time and commitment from our Volunteers, we would ask, that, your Cavalier remains with you until a new home has been approved. However, if this is not possible, we may suggest that your dog is placed with one of our Volunteer Foster Carers in their own home during the interim period. We have a limited number of Foster Carers and placement would be subject to availability

Co-ordinator: Sue Atkins

Tel: 07546 344078



Treasurer: Ann Blackburn

Tel: 01494 674450



~ Offers of help and good homes always wanted ~





If you never had a welfare cavalier before or an older one, you may wish to print out our publication below:



On the fund raising and welfare events front, a continuously changing range of Cavalier gifts and memorabilia is available at stalls at our events.  Any offers of help for the events appreciated, e.g. help on the event day, manning stalls, donations of cakes, gifts, prizes etc. All events are advertised on the Events page.

Over the years we have been in operation, most dogs have arrived with us for a variety of genuine reasons. The sad and distressing cases do occur; the eventual wagging tails and trusting eyes are all we need to keep us in operation.

"The Cavalier, a big heart and friend for life"