We will shortly be publishing a History of the Southern Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club on this page. If you have any pictures of the very early shows or events will you please send them to us either by E mail to robert.dix32@btinternet.com or by Snail Mail to Rob Dix, 32 Cheshire Gardens, Chessington Surrey KT9 2PR.


Most Club members are Cavalier owners who do not show dogs and the Club offers the following additional activities.

Southern Cavalier Welfare is run by volunteers to provide advice and to rehome or rescue Cavaliers (for whatever reason).  The Fun Day and Christmas Party are particularly geared to attract rescue Cavaliers but all breeds are welcome.

If you are interested in joining our club, please go to the Membership Section.  Please read our club's Rules, Code of Ethics (COE) & Code of Best Practice (COBP) should you wish to apply for membership.

You can be assured that the Southern Club committee will always take responsibility for promoting the health and well being of Cavaliers.