Discover Dogs

Every year since 1997, the Kennel Club has invited our Club to represent and administer the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Breed Booth at their Discover Dogs event now held at the ExCel Centre..  Originally it was only part of Crufts at the NEC in Birmingham but the Kennel Club decided to widen this popular event with the general public and added London to its diary.


Thousands of people visit this event every year.  The main reason it is so popular is that it gives a hands on approach, allowing the public to meet all the Kennel Club recognised pedigree breeds close up.  The public can stroke and pat the dogs, talk to the people who breed, show, judge and love their respective breeds.  Advice and information is given at each Breed Booth on caring for the needs of each individual breed.

Breed responsibility extends to informing and educating the public about our breed and as a Club, we are proud to represent our breed at this event.  Discover Dogs is invaluable to any person seriously thinking of becoming a dog owner. 




More information on Discover Dogs website